Friday, June 2, 2017

Tybee Island

Island Time!!!

God's incredible creation

I don't know...Do I look like a tourist?

My beautiful mermaid!

Charlie Brown, Im working on my leg color but only from the ankles down.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

1st Week, Vacation, Graduation and Mickey!

Well it's been one week and what a week it has been!  I left early Tuesday morning to begin my new position at Crossroads Baptist.  I had my first praise team practice, then choir practice, then orchestra practice.  Then the family came in that evening.  Friday we moved all of my things, Natalie's things and Brett's things into the apartment we are staying in for the next month.  Then the family left for Tybee Island where they are staying until Chad's graduation on June 3rd.  Sunday March 28th was my first official Sunday at Crossroads leading worship.  2 services on Sunday AM.  That's will be an adjustment :). Then I grabbed lunch and headed to Tybee Island to be with the family for a few days.  So, it is now Monday, Memorial Day.  The beach is packed.  Hopefully many of them will clear out after today.  The Bungalow is very cute and beachy.  Everyone is burnt already but enjoying the beauty, the family time and the rest.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) back to work for a day than back to Tybee Island until Chad's graduation on Saturday.  Then right after church on Sunday we are off to see Mickey Mouse.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

We are doing it again!

As many of you know, we will be moving in the next few weeks to lock arms in Ministry with Crossroads Baptist Church in Valdosta Georgia.  It is an exciting time for us but a heart breaking time as well.  God has given us the privilege of ministering with and to some incredibly dear people and it is extremely difficult to leave such wonderful friends and followers of Christ.

If you are following this blog, then it is most likely that you are aware of some of the difficulties and hurts we have experienced in ministry.  In the midst of that hurt, God brought us to Highland.  We were reluctant, guarded, leery, and held onto our hearts very tightly.  However, God used many at Highland to bring healing and restoration to our hearts and souls.  And not just to Melissa and I, but to our children as well.  And for this we are eternally grateful.  We had not given up on people or ministry but we were very distracted by the wounds we had received.  Healing is possible for the deepest of wounds; in God's timing and His way.  All things are possible through Christ. PTL!!

Our new adventure began last December as we prayerfully began to work our way through the process of talking with the Pastor at Crossroads and tentatively began to take the first steps.  At every point God has put an exclamation point to show us that He was behind this possible Change in our lives.  May 7th it became official.  And as of May 21st we are now members, ministers and co-laborers at Crossroads Baptist Church.

God has shown himself faithful again to us by providing a home for already as well.  We had a long list of homes to look at but, the first one we saw is the one we chose.

So much has happened in our lives or is happening in the lives of the Harmans.  

Last year Brett graduated highschool.  He started at the junior college but decided he wasn't ready for that.  So, he is working almost full-time.  He will be moving with us to Valdosta and looking for full time employment there until he decides he's ready to go back to college or tech school.  He has expressed an interest in pursuing Culinary School.  There is a Culinary School in Valdosta that is one of the top 5 schools in the country so there is a great opportunity for him there.

Damian finished a 2 year drafting program through a junior college last year.  Since then has moved to Indiana and is working full time there.  He is staying with my mom and his dad.  He has felt for a long time that he wanted to go back to Indiana.  It's been a hard adjustment for all of us.  He is learning what it means to be an adult.  And we are learning what means to have one less at home.

Lauren has one semester of school at the University of Mobile to complete.  Her major is Music Business.  She loves the production side of music plus she has become quite the song writer.  She has an internship at the University of Mobile with Studio 88 for this Summer.  She is still praying and seeking the Lord about what the future looks like for her.

Natalie finished at Belhaven University last year (yes if you are keeping count we had 3 graduations last year) with a degree in Biblical Studies with and emphasis in youth and children.  She has been working with the daycare and after school program at here at Highland.  She will be moving with us to Valdosta and looking for work there as she seeks the Lord and what his plan is for her.  She would like to be an administrative assistant to a youth or children's ministry at some point or something similar.

Chad finishes his masters degree in Creative Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He has had some incredible opportunities while at the school.  He's also been the college worship leader at Bull Street Baptist Church in Savannah.  When he finishes he will be heading to California to continue in his field of writing for movies and television.  We are not excited about him being so far away but we are thrilled to watch how God opens doors for him and he does what God has created him to do:  Tell Stories.

In the meantime, mom and I just try to keep up.  We've had our own journeys this year.

I had shoulder surgery this last summer that took 8 months to heal from.  And of course the journey of looking at a new ministry.  And on top of the muscle disease that Melissa has and deals with on a daily basis, we found out a week before Christmas that she has a brain tumor.  Merry Christmas to us :)  It rocked our world for a few days and still causes some big waves every once in a while.  The good news is that is not growing and it is not directly on the brain,  It is growing on the lining of the brain.  It is also located in the very front part of the brain right between the eyes.  That part of the brain doesn't really affect anything.  So even if it does start to grow and require some kind of treatment th
e potential of it being horribly life altering is small.  She might lose her sense of smell.

Wow I'm tired just writing about all that has happened.

In the midst of everything God has continued to show himself faithful time after time after time.  Even when we falter and fall in our faith, He reaches out and grabs us just as we are about to go under.  We are learning to be quicker at calling out to Him and not trying to figure things out or what to do.  His plan is so much bigger than we could ever comprehend.  So we've decided why try.  He's got it.  Now...easier said then done sometimes but we are learning.

We covet your prayers and if you are ever in the area we expect you to come by and drink a cup of coffee with us.  We would love to have you and cherish the times we have with our friends and family.

I will do my best to keep the blog up to date so that you can know what all is going on in our family, big and small.

So from all of us Harmans all over the United States, God bless and see ya soon.